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Essay Help with Texas AM University Application

Essay Help with Texas AM University Application Essay Prompts Admission Essay Help Should   be   personal   and   utilized   as   tools   to   share   your   story   with   the  Admissions Committee. Average length is about a page to a page and a half. Essay A  ­ Required What   was   the   environment   you   were   raised   in?   Describe   your   family,  home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you Essay B  ­ Required Some students have an identity, an interest, or a talent that defines them  in an essential way. If you are one of these   students, then tell us about Essay C  ­ Optional Youve got a ticket in your hand. Where will you go? What will you do?  What will happen when you get there? Office of Admissions Contacts (979) 845 ­1060 [email  protected] LinkedIn University Ranking for Accounting ProfessionalsGraduate #5 for Software DevelopersGraduate #16 Alumni statistics Where they live Houston, Texas Area 63,933 Dallas/Fort Worth Area 46,289 Bryan/College Station, Texas Area 30,383 Austin, Texas Area 19,925 San Antonio, Texas Area 12,408 Where they work US Army 936 Chevron 849 Hewlett Packard Enterprise 798 Dell 769 Shell 736 What they do Engineering 25,618 Operations 22,485 Sales 21,858 Education 18,331 Entrepreneurship 15,150 Research 13,810 Information Technology 12,380 Program and Project Management 12,077 What they studied Business Administration and Management, General 13,110 Finance, General 9,868 Mechanical Engineering 9,489 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 8,361 Accounting 8,312 Marketing 8,218 Psychology 7,501 Computer Science 7,083 What they’re skilled at Microsoft Office 55,522 Leadership 46,406 Customer Service 45,604 Management 42,751 Microsoft Excel 41,611 Public Speaking 35,549 Project Management 34,857 Strategic Planning 32,254 Jeff Miller President and Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer at Halliburton Country Vice President for Indonesia at Halliburton EVP COO, Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer at Halliburton Senior Vice President of Halliburtons Gulf of Mexico Region at Halliburton Master of Business Administration (MBA) Ruben Dario Taborda Vice President, Enterprise Customer Group at Johnson Johnson Vice President, Enterprise Customer Group Team Lead at Johnson Johnson VP, Pharma Indirect Procurement-Marketing Services Category Leader at Johnson Johnson Director, Planning Purchasing at Johnson Johnson Vision Care, Inc. David McAughan COO, Microsoft Stores at Microsoft Associate at A.T. Kearney Sr. Director, Inventory Management / International Strategy at Gap Inc. BBA, Business Analysis 1988 – 1992 Recommendations to apply Yes to High School Students Easy to ride a bike, free buses, raw milk and grass-fed beef possible, BNs, libraries with newspapers and presentation stations, many study rooms (with computers) and book scanners, easy-to-use printing, free fitness classes, fun physical education courses, indoor track circle with clock, Walmart and Kroger open 24/7, not trashy, hat and grass issues, scary military boys, 1,000 miles from Colorado State University, some dips in landscape, cannot change major because of credits, bad music, difficult to organize a club (just like any other college), should have an organization calendar online, more places to sleep, and more available road bikes. You could take a class in the same building in which Rick Perry gave a speech. Try not to gain too much body fat or go crazy with bad lighting, lies, and creepy folks (which include Christians). Wow. No regrets.

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Classical Music The Mozart Effect Essay - 1402 Words

The Mozart effect is a phenomena whereby listening to ten minutes of Mozart’s music, a person’s spatial IQ is boosted by 8-9 points (on the Stanford-Binet IQ Scale), in comparison to listening to ten minutes of a relaxation tape or silence (Rauscher, Shaw and Ky, 1993). This literature review critically assesses the key works and concepts concerning the Mozart effect, specifically its methodologies, its limits, and finally, alternative theories. While some academics argue that ‘listening to Mozart makes babies smarter’ is a valid claim (___,__;____,__), others denounce it (___,__;___,__). While the Mozart effect does show temporarily increased spatial IQ, it does not support the claim that ‘listening to Mozart makes babies smarter’. When†¦show more content†¦However, there is one age group missing from this list: children, and specifically, babies. The research claim explicitly refers to making babies smarter, even though the original study, and all subsequent studies, have not been performed on babies. As seen in ‘Mozart effect-Shmozart effect: A meta-analysis’ by Pietschnig, Voracek and Formann (2010), nearly 40 studies (including over 3000 subjects) have been conducted to determine whether the Mozart effect really does boost spatial IQ. Although the original study found that listening to ten minutes of Mozart boosted spatial IQ by up to 9 points (in comparison to listening to silence or a relaxation tape), this study was conducted on college students, who are at a different developmental stage than infants (Rauscher et al. 1993). Therefore, the results of this study cannot be generalised to members of the population that are in a different age group. The apparent lack of testing the Mozart effect on babies indicates that perhaps there is no plausible way to test on such young children, as they are incapable of completing spatial reasoning tasks, such as cutting and folding paper. As there have been no studies that have tested on babies, results showing improved cognitive ability in babies after listening to Mozart simply do not exist, which is a major flaw of the research claim that ‘listening to Mozart makes babies smarter. The studies conducted since the original in 1993 have been indicative of some validity Show MoreRelatedDoes Playing Mozart to Babies Make Them Smarter? Essay1374 Words   |  6 PagesThe Mozart Effect Resource Centre website, music educator Don Campbell made the claim that â€Å"classical music has a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of children from the very youngest of ages.† (Campbell, n.d.). To critically evaluate this claim a number of sources have been analysed. Through this analysis it was found that the claim cannot be supported by reliable empirical research and that classical music only produces short-term cognitive enhancement. This effect canRead MoreHow Has Classical Music Changed the World1724 Words   |  7 PagesHOW HAS CLASSICAL MUSIC CHANGED THE WORLD How has classical music changed the world we live in? The world we live in has changed but Classical music has remained the same. Classical music isn’t really prevalent in today’s society. Classical music doesn’t appeal to this generation. Classical music is more appreciated by older generations. Classical Music is not as popular today as it used to be. It has been around for hundreds of years and it is the oldest type of music out there. Classical musicRead MoreMusic Makes Children Smarter : Music Essay1610 Words   |  7 PagesMusic Makes Children Smarter Music in many ways. has a potential to allure an individual, especially children, to improve their intellect, when involved in music. Schools and organizations had researched and estimated that schools with music curriculum, have more graduation and successful rates than school that do not doesn’t have music subjects. Universities have concluded that a specific part of our brain had a major role that can progress to become intellectual when exposed to classical musicRead MoreShort Note On Short Term Memory Essay1663 Words   |  7 Pageseither placed into a no music group, where the participants had to memorize as many words as they could without listening to any music, or various music groups with different genres and levels of volume (such as loud/soft rock, loud/soft classical, and loud/soft familiar music). The study found that volume and music genres did not have an effect on the number of words being recalled. Particularly, the type of music did not negatively affect memory retention, this suggests that music stills plays a roleRead MoreMozart Effect And Its Effect On Mental Development1479 Words   |  6 PagesThe Idea of the Mozart effect came at a time when scientists were trying to merge the aspect of psychology (the science of the mind), and neuroscience (the science of the brain). Scientists felt that music plays a major role in the learning and thinking processes (â€Å"The Mozart Effect†). The Mozart effect refers to the resultant enhanced mental performance that arises when one listens to Mozart’s music. It is suggested that listening to Mozart makes one smarter by improving their spatial intelligenceRead MoreEssay about The mozart effect1002 Words   |  5 Pages The Mozart Effect Does classical music really help you study better? Many recent research studies show that music idoes in fact improve cognitive thinking. In 1993, researchers at the University of California at Irvine discovered the so-called Mozart Effect - that college students â€Å"who listened to ten minutes of Mozarts Sonata for Two Pianos in D major K448 before taking an IQ test scored nine points higher† than when they had sat in silence or listened to relaxation tapes. Other studies haveRead MoreThe Mozart Effect Essay931 Words   |  4 PagesIt has long been believed that music can evoke specific thoughts and feelings from the listener. But can music –specifically the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- summon hidden intelligences within the human brain? That is the question scientists are trying to answer. In the mid-nineties, scientists, Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw and Katherine Ky, claimed that music could boost the listener’s intelligence up to 9 points (Steele 2). To many, this allegation seemed a bit far-fetched and soon otherRead MoreMozart Effect1414 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Mozart Effect† The Mozart effect has two general definitions. Firstly, it is a set of research results that indicate that listening to Mozarts music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as spatial-temporal reasoning. And also it is popularized versions of the theory, which suggest that listening to Mozart makes you smarter, or that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development. The termRead MoreThe Importance of Function Over Form in the Classical Concerto1406 Words   |  6 Pagesinstrumental genre to both demonstrate virtuosity as well as a cohesive character that embodied the natural. Though the series of changes from the Baroque concerto grosso to the Classical concerto were gradual and cannot be attributed to a single composer, the Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor K. 466 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a skillful representation of the genre in that era. Of particular interest in this concerto is the treatment of sonata form in the first movement. When compared to other instrumentalRead MoreSummary : Mozart 1016 Words   |  5 PagesJohannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart Lydia Molina Mr. Dresser General Music 27 May, 2015 Mozart Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, known for his string of operas, concertos, symphonies and sonatas, he helped shape classical music as it is today. â€Å"Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musician capable of playing many instruments at age six. Over the years, Mozart aligned himself with a variety of European

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Literature Review On The Framework Of Investment Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 11 Words: 3238 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Graham and Qadd (1934) states that an investment operation is one which is based upon thorough analysis that guarantees safety of amount invested and gives an adequate return. Operations that do not meet these conditions are speculative. Gordon and Sharpe (2002) differentiate between investment and saving. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Literature Review On The Framework Of Investment Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Investment is restricted to real investment as that type that increases national output in the future, while saving is consumption forgone. For Reilly and Brown (2002), investment is the current commitment of money for a time period in order to develop future payments that will reward the investor for the time period the funds are devoted, the rate of inflation, and the degree uncertainty of future payments. Bodie, Kane and Marcus (2003) speak of investment as the sacrifice of existing resources, something of value now, to benefit from that sacrifice later in terms of benefits. It is the engagement of money or other resources that one have in its possession to some other consistent assets with the expectation of earning some benefits in the future. From an Economist point of view, investment refers to the amount of expenditure on goods and services, which are not used for present consumption but for producing further goods and services. Economists argue that investment is equal to saving in any economy. While we can note a distinction between savings and investment, both terms are regularly used conversely (Hamouda, 2009). The three main characteristics of investment are return, time and risk. The engagement of resources invested now is certain, while the reward upon investment in meant in the future and the degree of uncertainty is uncertain. For instance, government bonds it is the time factor that predominates and the risk element is the principal feature for a common stock (Sharpe and Gordon, 2006). 2.2 Real Investment and Financial Investment Real investments represent investments in tangible or real assets such as equipment, land or buildings while financial investments deal with securities and contracts written on papers. The material wealth of a society is calculated by the productive capacity of goods and services of the society members. The capacity function of real assets of the economy can be used to manufacture goods and services by using land, buildings and knowledge. Real asset is that component of real investment that determines the productive capacity of any economy. Financial assets are written paper contracts and represent claims on real assets or the revenue generated by them. Financial assets define the proportion of income or wealth among investors while real assets create net income to an economy (Sharpe and Gordon, 2006; Bodie et al, 2002). Real investments that can generate significant income require significant financing. It is obvious that an individual will not be able to own banks, but this indiv idual, have the possibility to invest in the securities of an established firm to perform these fruitful activities. Table 2: Balance of U.S Household For instance, an individual who buys stocks of the Barclays PLC or the Mauritius Commercial Bank is carrying out financial investment in these organisations, which then can execute real investment in buildings, equipment, technology and furniture and fittings. Individuals have the choice of consuming today or investing their wealth today for future consumption. If they prefer to invest today, they will place their present wealth in financial assets through investment in various securities. Investors returns come from the income generated by the real assets that were funded by the issuance of those securities (Breadley and Myers, 2001). The difference between financial and real assets will be clearly apparent when one looks at the balance sheet of households. For instance, we are going to look at the United State household balanc e sheet as shown in Table 2 and Table 3 depicting United States national wealth. Source: Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, June 2008 Table 3 :Domestic net worth (only with real assets) Assets Billion Non-residential real estate $9,001 Residential real estate $22,070 Equipment and software $3,923 Inventories $1,849 Consumer durables $4,082 Total $40,925 Source: Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, June 2008 The largest asset and liability both come from the house owned. The position of deposits is usually maintained for liquidity of consumption and pension reserves are the money or assets invested for future retired life. Equity in non-corporative business may come from the investment in sole proprietorship or partnership companies. For example, a bond that an individual possess as an asset gives him an entitlement on int erest income while repayment of principal is a liability for the bond issuing company, where these payments are compulsory. The individuals asset is the bond issuing companys liability. When the balance sheet is totalled, the financial assets nullify the liabilities. Structures, equipment, inventories and land form the National wealth. 2.3 Behavioral Finance It is an integral part of investment decision making. In comparison with traditional finance theory. Behavioral finance lays emphasis on irrational behaviour of investors. Factors like cognitive biases, heuristics and mental errors can cause bad investment decisions. It integrates psychological factors with risk-return trade off theory (Mauboussin, 2004). Behavioural finance describe individual investors as unrational investors who are subject to cognitive psychological biases, who often exhibit risk seeking behaviour and their expectations are biased(Lucey, 2005). The classical decision-making under risk and uncertainty is based on asset integration, risk aversion and rational expectations. Unlike traditional finance theories suggest, investors do not necessarily make rational investment decisions. Cognitive psychological biases, which influence investment decision making, are heuristics (Representative, overconfidence, availability), regret aversion, cognitive dissonance, ancho ring mental accounting and greed fear (Chandra, 2008). 2.4 Factors affecting Investment Decisions The selection of investment alternative for the investor are to be considered first to know what are the objectives of investors (Hirt and Block, 2003). Different investors have different investment objectives. Some will be willing to bear significant risk in reaping returns; for other investors, safety is a principal concern. Taking into considerations investor objectives, the most vital question is: Why should we invest at all? (Corrado and Jordan, 2001). We shall consider the following factors as the investment objectives of an investor and the guidance in the selection of the different types of investment. Risk, return and Safety The most vital decision that an investor must deal with is the degree of risk he is prepared to shoulder. Risk tolerance measures the level of risk an investor is willing to accept. Most investors are risk-averse, that is, they will choose the investment with the minimum risk possible (Pellinen et al, 2010). Since higher returns are generally ass ociated with higher risks, the investor must therefore seek equilibrium between return objectives with risk tolerance. Most investors have a difficulty in expressing in any defined way their attitude toward risk. The main reason is that risk is not a simple theory; it cannot be easily defined or measured (Chandra, 2008). Investors who are rational and risk-averse will choose a portfolio made up mostly of short-term debt, securities from the government and major organisations. Conservative investors will normally invest in market fund where the capital of several investors are combined and reinvested in high-yielding investments and short-term investments. Current Income vs. Capital Appreciation If current income is the return objective, the investors portfolio will contain generating income rather than capital gains. This strategy sometimes suits investors who want to increase their income with income engendered by their portfolio to meet their living expenses. Pensioners may favour this objective for part of their portfolio to be able to generate spendable funds. The investment will usually be in high-yielding mature firms. Capital appreciation is an appropriate objective when the investor wants the portfolio to develop in real terms, through a rise in value to provide the expected return over time to meet some future need. Under this strategy, growth generally occurs through capital gains. It shows an aggressive strategy where investors are prepared to take on risk to meet their aim. It should be noted that there is a balance between growth and income, where it is unlikely to find these two characteristics in one type of investment. Capital Preservation Investors want to minimise their risk of loss, usually in real terms. They strive for maintaining the purchasing power of their investment, that is, the return should not be less than the rate of inflation. This is a strategy for strongly risk-averse investors or when funds are needed in the short -run, such as a down payment on a house. Ease of Management It is a factor worth considering in investment selection such that the time period and effort the investor has to dedicate to his portfolio should define the type of assets he decide to invest in. Liquidity Considerations Liquidity measures the ability to quickly convert an investment into cash at a price close to fair market value. Assets are more liquid if many traders are interested in a standardised product. Treasury bills are highly liquid while real estate and venture capital are not. There is need to consider in the investment plan the liquidity needs of the investor. Tax Factors Different types of investments are taxed differently. Higher tax bracket investors will prefer investment strategies with favourable tax credits or tax shelters while lower tax bracket investors will focus more on pre-tax returns. 2.5 Major differences in Investment Cultures around the Globe Culture comprises of beliefs and values that religious, ethnics and social groups hand on from generation to generation. Individuals have less control over their culture than other social capital (Becker, 1996). They cannot change their race, ethnicity, or family history, with some difficulties arousing that they can move to another country or change religion. Trust is one facet of culture, the levels of trust differ from countries to countries; it is quite high in China and they are particularly high in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. They are quite low in France and Italy and lower in Mexico and the West Indies (Statman, 2009). Guiso at al (2006) institute that levels of trust persevere among immigrants to the United States, and quite high levels of trust among immigrants are connected with quite high levels of trust in their countries of origin. Does cultural background affect financial attitudes? This is an essential question for financial advisors whose clients originate from different cultures. If we take Japan as example, decision-making is slower because they tend to seek authorisation of everyone in the group, particularly the elders. Japan is a high context culture, where less is expressed overtly and more is understood. For a person originating from a low context culture, sometimes it is challenging to understand what is the real definition. You need billions to penetrate the Japanese market; this is what makes it the last resort for investors. Despite Japanese has larger disposable income, they still find it hard to find investment opportunities (Ghimire, 2006). In Zimbabwe, where inflation rate is high, the government encourages the population to invest in securities rather than saving their income. Their investment culture has changed towards militating against the current hyper inflationary situation and the presence of resources in starting up and running their own business (The Herald, 2007). Uganda is populated by 30 million people and ha s around three million bank accounts, confirming that a major part of the population does not possess a formal saving structure. Mr Charles Ocici, Executive Director of the Enterprise Uganda, stated: its not always easy for an individual to save for future investment, hence if they are put in a group its easier to gather a fair amount of money for future investments where individual savings return less potential capital (Ladu, 2010). Johnson (2006) promulgates that Jamaicas investment culture is defined in terms of size, skill, bureaucracy and corruption. Coming to Chinese and American Investment Culture, Chinese households witnesses a high percentage of net worth in investments and they may experience fluctuations in wealth larger than they are able to cope, which could pave the way to stress or absurd financial behaviours. The difference between the two investment cultures lies in the collectivism of Chinese culture versus the self-centred nature of American culture. The Chines e are risk attracted because even though the asset is highly risky and offers a high probability of low return, there is still a guarantee of family or friends solidarity and support even in case of bankruptcy. The Americans on the other side of the coin are risk averse because they do not benefit from the same support. Family and friends are rarely present for help in case of high loss and bankruptcyÂÂ  and that is the cultural safety net. Financial advisers must know that people are different and even people who were born in any country have diverse preferences and those preferences may be found in family history, in personality or in culture. People carry on with their culture even for several years after they establish in a new country (Statman, 2009). New Zealand has witness a fall in household saving and a rise in household wealth, as they are tempted to invest in residential property due to rises in house prices. It should be noted that the household saving rate has b een among the lowest and investment in wealth is at much lower levels than the United States or Australia. Wealth is more unevenly distributed than income as well as financial skills. People who possess high financial knowledge have higher education, higher income and higher wealth and these people represent only 15 % of the population (Burns and Dwyer, 2007). Studies demonstrate the consumers inability to ascertain the quality of investments and they are faced with lots of information. Others will turn up with rules of thumb on how to progress. Consumer interviews suggest that advice from family members and friends are regarded as an important factor for investment decisions. A small proportion of people will have recourse to professional financial advisors. Lower taxes on managed funds, changes in the regulatory framework of the financial sector, educational measures to increase financial literacy are some factors that affect the investment culture in a particular country. A ne w trend has been observed; people tend to see education a reliable investment with much greater return. For instance, when Sweden denationalised its social security scheme, the Swedish population who had invested their own pensions chose more costly and less diversified funds (Burns and Dwyer, 2007, adapted from Stewart, 2005). The intricacy of the market and investment products, the costs of swapping products has set up demand-side restrictions that alleviate competition in the investment market (Burns and Dwyer, 2007, adapted from Grimes, 2005). Information about investment products has contributed to a low-trust environment, where light should be spread on investment products, fees, charges, and terminologies. Across the globe, investment decisions are taken, but there are some factors that an investor should consider like considering risks and making adequate comparison against the possible returns to be realised from the investment and the investment that provides the optima l value is chosen. We have also random an unsystematic investors. The investment climate depends on a large number of factors that can be gathered into three main categories: macroeconomic conditions, physical infrastructure and institutions. Foreign investors select an explicit location based on the investment type and the expected profitability. The foundation for making investments is determined by the definite features of the favoured location: disposal of cheap skilled labour, market size and volatility, existence of natural resources, nearness to the home country or admittance to good financial and physical infrastructure (UNECE, 2004). People also prefer safer investment like property, treasury bills, and investment in foreign currency and trading. The reluctance of people towards investment is just because they prefer to put in a bank to keep it safe. Moreover, with the uncertainty linked with how quick they can get their investment back on bonds make people reluctant to invest. Another factor that shape investment decisions is the familiarity of the financial institution and the investment type. People are more attracted towards safer investment where they are absolutely familiar with and invest in an institution that they already know. It is also to be noted that some investors prefer their intuition to any systematic methods for their decisions. The source of information for investment decisions would include recommendation by friend, newspapers, leaflet or books, financial skills or a financial agent. The objective of investment would vary form keeping investment safe, making more money, employer actions or a friends advice (Boye, 2005). Studies have shown that men investment has been higher than womens for social and various demographic reasons. Women tend to be more risk averse than men in general. Individual investment choices on lifestyle and demographic attributes (Warren et al. (1990) and Rajarajan (2000), adapted from Dash, 2010). For making long-term investment, institutional investors need to analyse environmental, social and governance information. Racial differences on investment behaviour are investigated below. The way how black household invest in risky asset ownership would differ from white households. According to Wall Street Journal, the affluent Blacks are less involved in stock market than whites thus benefiting less from market gains. The reasons behind less interest on behalf of Black on the stock market arise from risk tolerance, investment choice, or a cultural difference. The investment behaviour can be viewed in different cases. In the case of individual investor, there is a large difference between Blacks and Whites in wealth accumulation over the life cycle, possibly leaving Black families less prepared for retirement. For financial consultants, lack of understanding between financial planners and Black clients may deter Blacks from ever seeking the advice of financial advisors (Gutter et al, 1999). Investors vary in risk tolerance and it is an important factor. Too little risk tolerance may leave investors with little superannuation income as they retreat from uncertain investments with high estimated returns. Too much risk tolerance might also leave investors with slight superannuation income as they spend their savings in gambles (Hoffman, 2007). In Mauritius, investment is viewed in a different angle, where the preferred investment vehicle is 95.9 % for bank savings and deposits for safety reasons while 7.14 % have invested in SIT and the stock market. 69 % of potential investors are ardent to invest on the stock market subject to disposal of funds and predictions of benefits being good. 10 % expressed hesitation to invest in risky sectors and the rest were reluctant and showed confidence in the banking system for safety reasons. The main reason why there is little investment by Mauritian is the lack of adequate information, no proper financial education. Other f actors would include income tax reasons, unprepared for downturns, the saving rate and the agreement, which is too bulky to read that discourages investment (FSC, 2002). 2.3 Conclusion Investment can be termed as deferred consumption. When an investor is confronted towards an investment decision, he will in a first instance analyse, what is his risk tolerance, what is the investment return and when will the investment yield to maturity. This is a general notion for everyone, but investors attitude vary from country to country or even continent to continent. Different investors have different preferences and needs. A deeper analysis shows that there are differences between male and female investors, uneducated and educated investors, young and older investors. It should be noted that knowledge of the relation between culture and financial attitudes helps financial advisors to improve services to their clients. Besides culture, the financial instrument used helps to define the investment culture and where people who are relatively savers see their savings as an investment. Friends have a major say, as they tend to influence the investor decision thus derouting from its own objective. A poor saving culture may not essentially explain a poor investment culture.

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Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting, And Counseling - 1013 Words

There are many forms of professional assistance that a client could seek. Each method can be equally effective depending on the situation. Client’s needs are important to identify, reason being is so you can decide what form of help is the best fit. In this essay, I will discuss mentoring, coaching, consulting, and counseling. I will provide examples of each and explain why each form is effective for each scenario. Mentoring is described as having experience or expertise in a field that you use to help someone with less experience/expertise (Welsh, E. T., Dixon, P. M.,2016). John just started a new job in a big corporation. He has been wanting to working this field, he has a passion for it and wants to learn as much as he can. He is new†¦show more content†¦Working together to find a way that works best for Harry. Doing some self-discovery could lead Harry in another direction or solidify his purpose. Consultants usually have a high level of expertise on a topic and have a method that has been proven to create change, an â€Å"answer†. If I was a consultant, I would provide you the method and you would follow the steps on your own (Lowman, R. L.,2007). Sam is a CEO of a retailer that sells home goods. Sam has been in the position for 3 years and believes he’s still learning. His first year the company was growing and they had a high profitability. Currently they are not growing and profitability is at a low. The retailer has 20 locations across Arizona, which is a large presence. Sam has been attempting to find a solution to his issue for 2 years now and nothing has changed. Sam has been trying to find out what the cause is for the low profitability is and trying to come up with a resolution for it, but hasn’t had any luck. The best fit to help Sam is a consultant. Sam could find a consultant that has expertise in company growth and high profitability. The y would go in and assess the situation and find the what and the how. What is causing the problem and how can we fix it. They would provide Sam with a guide and he would follow it. In Counseling, there is an emphasis on solving problems, touching on things in the past. One big objective in counseling is healing or fixingShow MoreRelatedBUS 499 Essay710 Words   |  3 Pagesenvironment to get a better understanding of what cultures are in the area. 7. INTERNAL OPERATIONS. Some of the services that will be offered are workshops designed for training, leadership, team building, coaching, mentoring, performance evaluation, conflicts and time management, counseling, ethics training, cultural awareness training, financial and budgeting training. Other services will include Human Resources management training to include recruitment process to help maintain a healthy workingRead MoreScanim Case Study 1 Essay example3553 Words   |  15 Pagesmethod will be examined. This will be followed by completing a Markov Model to determine HR Supply. Three developmental opportunities within succession management will follow next, namely job rotations, formal training and development, and mentoring and coaching. Finally, this paper will look at movement analysis as another method to ascertain HR Supply. INTRODUCTION As the Ontario HR Manager for Scanim, we are looking forward to starting our new Inbound Service and Warranty Claims ContractRead MoreCareer Management : Career Coaching3046 Words   |  13 Pagescareer counselling and coaching, however, there are many other factors that have a significant impact on where the coach sits on the spectrum. This essay will explore the theory behind the career counselling and coaching spectrum and examine in greater detail the impact of the client group on the coaching process. It will also address the influence of the coach’s perception of role and coaching boundaries; the psychology of coaching expertise; the impact of the coaching relationship and theRead MoreMou Section Ii: Problem Project Justification . The Primary1464 Words   |  6 Pagesprovide students with the missing supports that will help them develop a college-going mindset. Consistent with those goals, college readiness programs generally offer a series of comprehensive services, such as tutoring, financial literacy classes, coaching, college awareness and exposure, and cultural enrichment. Le et al. (2016), noted that factors associated with limited college participation include: inadequate academic preparation for college, lack of knowledge about financial aid, limited accessRead MoreEssay about BSBMGT 502B Manage People Performance3832 Words   |  16 Pagesplace in order to operate successfully. Its important to find the best methods of distribution, disbursement, and management of resources. Its also important to track the resources to determine whether their need is relevant and cost effective. By consulting with individuals it gives them ownership, allows them to contribute, and makes them aware of the goals and targets. What resources might be required in a business organisation? - Human resources. - Educational/training resources. - FinancialRead MoreBuilding A Facie Case For Retaliation1239 Words   |  5 Pagessexual harassment, recommend consulting with victim about what they feel would be a proper remedy. There is no obligation to take the recommendations but it makes the victim feel heard and it provides a good idea for where the victim is and how they feel about moving forward. Whatever corrective measures are chosen the victim should be told how the how the perpetrator(s) is being disciplined (Orlov and Roumell, 1999). Orlov and Roumell also recommend that counseling should be offered to the victimRead MoreHuman Resource Development at 3m7996 Words   |  32 PagesDesigning HRD programs 12 6. Methods to deliver training 14 7. Effective learning in physical environment 16 8. HRD evolution programs 17 9. HRD framework 18 10. Coaching 19 11. Skill for effective coaching 20 12. Employee assistance program 21 13. Career management amp; career development 22 14. Change agent 23 15. Future HRD program direction amp; objective †¦Error! BookmarkRead MoreDeloitte Touche: a Hole in the Pipeline1785 Words   |  8 Pagesand women has always been a strategic priority for the company. In Deloitte Touche were hired the best students, naturally half men and half women, soon after their graduation (in audit and tax services business) or after an MBA program (in the consulting business); they were trained and given a mentor. The new employees began as staff accountants, then they could become semi-senior, manager or senior manager and finally, after 10 to 12 years senior managers could obtain the major promotion: toRead MoreZappos Vs. American Express2686 Words   |  11 Pagessophisticated pay-for-performance system. Professional development of the employees of Amex is ensured by putting them into formal class instruction to job rotation, assignment sharing and cross-border training and business-unit opportunities, to career counseling to professional net working. 4.2 Management Development Programs Zappos: Zappos is an online retailer for shoes and clothing. Hence merchandising techniques are very important part of its business. Therefore, Zappos gives its employees a three-yearRead MoreProject Report on Employee Attrition14600 Words   |  59 Pagescustomized business solutions, Datacraft helps clients plan, build and support their IT infrastructures. Datacraft combines an expertise in networking, security, operating environments, storage and contact centre technologies, with advanced skills in consulting, integration and managed services, to craft IT solutions for businesses. A member of the Dimension Data Group, Datacraft is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange, and is a component company of the Straits Times Index. Headquartered

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Essay on The Department of Human Services in The State of...

The Department of Human Service (DHS) is a national or sub national umbrella agency that was set into place to provide public assistance in different cities and regions across America (U.S. Department of Human Services, [DHS], 2011). According to Dr. Raquel Hatter, Commissioner of Tennessee, the DHS Mission Statement is; â€Å"To improve the well-being of Tennesseans who are economically disadvantaged, vulnerable or living with disabilities through a network of financial, employment, protective and rehabilitative services† (DHS, 2011). In this observation we are going to take a look at DHS in the state of Tennessee, as well as what DHS offers within their system. We will also take a look at how DHS relates to, and implements the empowerment†¦show more content†¦Each of these programs aids and assets adults, families, children, and disabled clients in addressing discrimination, oppression, vulnerabilities, and conditions of inequality, as well as empowers the clients i n making positive change in their lives. Next we are going to take a look at the process in how to apply and began to use the services that DHS provides. Residents of Tennessee can go into any local DHS center and fill out an application, they can also go online and fill out the application from the comfort of their own home, or you can even request an application by mail (DHS, 2011). Once the application is filled out and turned in to DHS, the client will then be called or mailed a document telling the client that they have an appointment on a certain date, in which they will come in and talk with a case worker (DHS, 2011). Once the appointment is established the resident will go in and explain their situation to the case worker, at that time the case worker and the client will go over the client’s case (DHS, 2011). If the case worker needs further documentation to back up the client’s case then they will be asked to provide the additional paper work before a certain date (DHS, 2011). Once the case worker has all the information needed from the client, the case worker will then began to work on the case and establish eligibility for the programs that the client qualifies for (DHS, 2011). If the client isShow MoreRelatedChild Focus Essay885 Words   |  4 PagesThe three states that I used to investigate the current child find efforts were, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Lewiston Maine. The people who were doing the outreach for child find were clinics, doctors, educators, family resource centers, health department, head starts, daycare and preschool centers, even early interventionist. These are the sources that works with the the school to find children who need special support with disabilities. Although every states have to follow the Individuals withRead MoreMark Gwyn : Director Of The Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation902 Words   |  4 Pagesbecame Director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in 2004. During his tenure, Gwyn has expanded the reach and res ources of the agency. He oversaw the creation of the Technical Services Unit, which is responsible for high-tech surveillance methods, computer forensics, and investigating internet crimes against children. Under his leadership, the Tennessee Fusion Center was established within TBI’s headquarters as a central hub of information sharing between local, state, and federal law enforcementRead MoreChild Hunger And Food Insecurity1469 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem in Tennessee. Literature suggests that food insecurity for children, while a nationwide problem, is highest for children living in southern states. Tennessee children experience significant food insecurity. Proper child nutrition is essential to proper health and development. In order for children to maintain focus, achieve productivity and physical strength, they need adequate. Food Nutrition Services (FNS) administers food reimbursement programs through the United States Department of AgricultureRead MoreAmerica Sho uld Not Afford For Nonviolent Criminals Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pagesthemselves and their families make better sense. In addition, offenders should pay supervision fees, restitution to victims and court costs. Further, offenders on community supervision could utilize to addiction treatment programs and mental health services to avoid re-offending. Community supervision offers an excellent alternative to the high cost of incarceration while shifting the financial burden to the offender. The costs of incarceration continue to rise. In 2013, a three-year prison sentenceRead MoreThe Human Resources Department At Kroger Essay1676 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Resources The Human Resources department is a very important part in business because the company aspires to hire keen and honest people for employment. These days, more corporations are expanding their business into other countries, so they look to hire more diverse and bilingual people. Being one of the largest grocery stores in the United States, Kroger receives a wide variety of diverse shoppers. Kroger hires for full-time and part-time positions. The first step of the applicationRead MorePersuasive Essay On Drug Testing927 Words   |  4 Pagestest before receiving financial assistance from the government. In the United States, some people across the country are failing drug tests. This means that they are tested for having illegal drugs. This is bad for the country because this could lead to death and being arrested. So the government is seeking to make these people have immediate drug tests so they can â€Å"crack† this problem open. In the state of Tennessee, they passed a law to test people for drugs. As stated in Text 2, â€Å"Six monthsRead MoreThe Field Of Human Resource Management Essay1358 Words   |  6 PagesThe field of Human Resource Management is a major factor in utilizing individuals within the company to achieve organizational objects, while facing a multitude of challenges daily. While conducting a phone interview on September 27, 2016 at 11:30 am with Missi Bowers, the Human Resource Manager and Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator at the Masonite Architectural Algoma Hardwoods plant in Jefferson City, Tennessee, she provided first hand experience within the career. Mrs. Bowers can beRead MoreOrganization Structure of Memphis City Schools1079 Words   |  5 PagesEvery type of company or organization that exists operates with a certain organizational structure. However, the organizational structure is tailored to best meet the needs and services of the company. Organizational struc tures are used as a means of communicating how business will take place within an organization. The structure of an organization is important to the main areas that make an organization function effectively. Organization functions and designs determine the organizational structureRead MoreIs The Safe Harbor Law? Essay1641 Words   |  7 PagesSafe Harbor law is there for many human trafficking victims, it not only provides assistance for human trafficking victims, to heal from the trauma of this crime, but this law also allows juvenile judges to hold hearings to determine whether a minor is a human trafficking victim and a procedure to temporality set aside the complaint for a crime such as prostitution or other related offenses. The safe harbor law is to try to ensure the safety and wellbeing of minor human trafficking victims. I would likeRead MoreBshs/422 - Cultural Diversity and Special Populations Final Exam1918 Words   |  8 Pageschildrens overall wellbeing based on the in formation given in the case study. Be specific, identify, and list what areas need to be included in Esmeraldas treatment plan. How will you find out this information? 1. Esmeralda is determined eligible for services after the intake staff completed the assessment instrument so developing a care plan is necessary for Esmeralda. The majority of immigrants that do not speak English fluently ask their family or friends to interpret for them (Pope, 2010). I do not

Piaget Versus Vygotsky In Regards To The Cognitive Theory Education Essay Free Essays

The building of the thought procedure ; like retrieving, job resolution, and determination devising, is all apart of what ‘s called cognitive development. The basic premiss of cognitive development is the manner a individual perceives, thinks, and understand the goings-on around them through the combination of genetic sciences and learned factors. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky were influential in the apprehension of this signifier of development conveyed by their several theories. We will write a custom essay sample on Piaget Versus Vygotsky In Regards To The Cognitive Theory Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Cognitive Development starts at birth and progresses as a kid starts to larn and turn mentally. If a individual, particularly an pedagogue, can understand how a kid develops cognitively versions can be made to suit the specific demands of a kid. Constructivism is an attack to learning and larning based on the premiss that knowledge is the consequence of mental building ( McDevitt, and Ormrod, 2006 ) . A pupils belief, attitudes and how they are shown how to make things impact how one learns. This averment is one expressed and agreed upon by both Piaget and Vygotsky. Both besides agreed that social influences created the boundaries that surrounded cognitive development. Being Constructivist and acknowledging the influence of 1s milieus are about the lone similarities that are shared by Piaget and Vygotsky ‘s theory portion. Each theoretician had cardinal thoughts that their theory of cognitive development was built upon. These thoughts differed from each other. As in Piaget ‘s, he theorized that intelligence is produced by action. He strongly felt a kid learns best through interaction. ( Huitt, A ; Hummel, 2003 ) Vygotsky disagreed, alternatively he felt larning occurred before development and they learn because of history and symbolism ( Van der Veer, 2008 ) . Further more, Vygotsky would reason that kids non merely needed but valued others input in order to turn psychologically, a point that Piaget disagreed with. Piaget beloved that there are four stages to cognitive development that occurs. The first phase, referred to as Sensorimotor Stage, begins at birth to two old ages. In this phase a kid relies to a great extent on natural behaviours of course learned, like sucking. Piaget beloved intelligence manifests itself through physical motor activities such as creeping or walking. These attribut ives dominate in this stage although ; some linguistic communication accomplishments are developed as good. Piaget continues his stages into the ages two through seven with the preoperational phase. During this phase, Piaget believes a kid is egoistic with his ideas. Basically, Piaget says at this clip, a kid thinks if he believes or sees things one manner, that is the manner everyone sees it. During this phase the flowering of unwritten linguistic communication, memory and imaginativeness besides occurs. The 3rd phase, labeled concrete operational phase, continues on into the ages of seven and into eleven. A dramatic alteration in how a child thinks happens at this clip. One begins to believe in a more logical manner. Piaget rounds out his phases with the concluding 1 named the formal operational phase. The formal operational phase refers to the ability to get the hang abstract ideas and symbols relationally are the premiss of this phase. Very few people will of all time make this portion of Piaget ‘s Cognitive Theory. Those who do are besides able to treat scenarios that may happen ( McDevitt, and Ormrod, 2006 ) . Interrupting cognitive development into phases was a procedure that Vygotsky disagreed with. He thought at that place to be no phases at all every bit good as no clip frame in which they are expected to happen. He had different constituents to his political orientations in mention to development, like the usage of private address. Private address, put merely, is the pattern of speaking to oneself. He asserted that this procedure contributed to a kid ‘s job resolution accomplishments, as the kid would speak it out to himself before moving. Private speech production might go less of a prevailing facet over clip but is ne’er to the full outgrown. Following, Vygotsky focuses on the zone of proximal development. This signifier of development refers to things a kid may no be able to make on their ain right off but in clip will. Vygotsky steadfastly asserted it was imperative for a kid to work within his zone in order to accomplish maximal acquisition ( Van cervid Ver, 2008 ) . The concluding key to Vygotsky ‘s theory lies in the term staging. Using encouragement and aid by manner of advice is how scaffolding is defined. Hints and arrows are employed by an influential presence in a kid ‘s life who has already mastered these constructs like ego regulation or job resolution ( Mcdevitt A ; Ormrod, 2006 ) . Cognitive theories, like the 1s developed by Piaget and Vygotsky have been put into pattern by instructors, pedagogues, and healer likewise for old ages. Both theories are valid, plausible and easy can be put into pattern, particularly in a category room. For illustration, Piaget ‘s preoperational stage is dominant in a kindergarten schoolroom, where five twelvemonth olds reign. Piaget ‘s stage states that kid is egoistic in his thought. This can be portrayed in a simple scene taken from a kid ‘s recess clip. One kid loves hide and seek. They play it as a household rather often at place. The regulations at place dictate one must number to 20 but another pupil argues that is non right. But the first kid insist since this is the iron-clad regulation because he assumes if he thinks its played that manner, everyone does, therefore bodying the preoperational stage. Similarly, Vygotsky ‘s theories are besides plausible. A good illustration can be found in a 2nd clas s schoolroom. No two kids think likewise is a given for they all develop on different degrees. Like, some kids have mastered simple arithmetic, where as others struggle with the construct. One manner to impart aid would be through the usage of math manipulative, like confect. It would keep the attending of those who understand that while farther helping those who have n’t. Cognitive development has shaped the manner an pedagogue approaches a pupil. Piaget and Vygotsky have given one peep into the developmental heads of a kid. Without these theories, an pedagogue ‘s influence may non be as efficaciously utilized like it should. Work Cited Van Der Veer, R. ( 2008 ) . Lev Vygotsky: continuum library of educational idea. Continuum. McDevitt, T, A ; Ormrod, J.E. ( 2006 ) . Child development and instruction. New York: Prentice Hall. Huitt, W. , A ; Hummel, J. ( 2003 ) . Piaget ‘s theory of cognitive development. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved 09/18/2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // How to cite Piaget Versus Vygotsky In Regards To The Cognitive Theory Education Essay, Essay examples

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Question: Discuss about theEmerging Technology and Innovation for Security. Answer: Significance of the Research In todays world the networking concept is merged together from the concept of government infrastructure to internet banking. So it can be stated that the network protection is no longer an extra option. Cyber security or the cyber-attacks can be indicated as an international concern, as breaches which are high profile have mainly given up many factors of concern that mainly gives a concern that hacks and other attacks which are related to the security which could endanger the economy of the global. A cyber-attack can be referred to as a deliberate exploitation related to the computer system, technological dependant networks and enterprise. The cyber attackers mainly use the malicious code activity and other softwares to alter the computer code, data and the logics which mainly result in the consequence which can be termed as disruptive which mainly compromise the data and directly lead to cybercrimes such as identify the system infiltrations and the theft (Kolini Janczewski, 2017). How original is the approach? Billions are dollars are spending every year for the main objective of securing the network infrastructure, resources and the devices against the main threats in order to protect them from the impact of the cyber security breaches. It can be stated that the motivations, affect and the practices of people can be directly effective in the concern of the most cyber security initiatives. The people are very much lagging behind the main motive of gaining the access with regards to the information and the critical technology which are disenfranchised, this mainly values the concept of autonomy, privacy, adaptability and the access of the information, processes and policy that are mainly build with people. Though many methods can be introduced for the purpose of investigation, practices and its direct effect, qualitative methods are very much particular and can be termed as necessary for the different ways in order to know about the phenomena of the cyber security aspect. The research prospective in order to know the different aspect related to the case can include human computer interaction (HCI), value and design, digital and information literacy, engineer8ing ethics and diversity and inclusion. Linking all these field together in the concept of the cyber security will direct improve the understanding of the concept of deeply human questions within the mere concept of the cyber security. Literature review What things were proposed and measure in the literature By the means of qualitative approach with emphasis on the data analysis, it has been seen that the incident of the cyber are increasing on a day to day basis which mainly lead to a lost in the data with regards to many of the organisations. It has been found out from the analysis that the rate of incident is increasing on an average basis of 45 incidents per month basis. The incident rate was analysed for different types of attack vectors which are taken into account which helps in giving the detail description related to the cyber-attacks for a particular organisation. What are the researchers trying to find out? The main aim of the researchers is founding out the main problem which is related to the cyber-attacks and with it implementing necessary functional prospective in order to reduce the overall effect of the attacks if they are incorporated in the access area of the world of the internet. Why is it an interesting or useful problem? It is very much useful due to the factor that early detection of the issue can be directly reduce the overall affect which it can have on the prospective of the data. How original is the approach? It can be stated that the motivations, affect and the practices of people can be directly effective in the concern of the most cyber security initiatives. The people are very much lagging behind the main motive of gaining the access with regards to the information and the critical technology which are disenfranchised, this mainly values the concept of autonomy, privacy, adaptability and the access of the information, processes and policy that are mainly build with people. Though many methods can be introduced for the purpose of investigation, practices and its direct effect, qualitative methods are very much particular and can be termed as necessary for the different ways in order to know about the phenomena of the cyber security aspect. The research prospective in order to know the different aspect related to the case can include human computer interaction (HCI), value and design, digital and information literacy, engineer8ing ethics and diversity and inclusion. Linking all these field together in the concept of the cyber security will direct improve the understanding of the concept of deeply human questions within the mere concept of the cyber security (Overbye et al., 2017) What things were proposed? The availability of the data is the main point of concern which has to be emphasised in the topic. The concept of the ability of the network to connect automatically to a remote server has added a great deal of the convenience of the user which is termed as an end user. the concept which is applied is the virtual private network in order to achieve the concept remotely. A virtual private network can be used to encrypt data channel in order to secure sending and receiving the data via an infrastructure which is public such as an internet. Through the use of the virtual private network internal resources such as files, data base, printers or websites can be directly being connected. What things were measured? The main things which are measured in the concept is the network segmentation and mainly the categorization of the assets, personal data into groups which are specific and then majorly restricting the access to these groups. By placing the resources into different areas of the network, a compromise of different sectors cannot be merely being translated into the exploitation of the entire system. The concept of the ability of the network to connect automatically to a remote server has added a great deal of the convenience of the user which is termed as an end user. the concept which is applied is the virtual private network in order to achieve the concept remotely. A virtual private network can be used to encrypt data channel in order to secure sending and receiving the data via an infrastructure which is public such as an internet. Through the use of the virtual private network internal resources such as files, data base, printers or websites can be directly being connected. The main result which is achieved from the process are: Confidentiality: Any important information which has to be kept secured have to be always kept confidential. This information should be accessed by people or the system that have the mere permission to grant access to those. Integrity: Maintaining the concept of integrity which is related to the information assets in order to keep each and everything intact, complete and uncorrupted format. Availability: Maintaining the concept of availability of services, system and the information when required by the client and the business is achieved. Research gap What are the limitations of their work? The main limitations of the work are: Signature based: the signature which are related to the database and the known bad habits mainly cant keep pace with the bad elements can mainly keep pace with the volume of the malware which are new strains which are created daily. Scalability lack: managing the concept of identities / users, all applications, all data with the products that have a serious scalability mainly narrow the security analysis into a sub set event and log data. Highly distributed environment are not supported: most of the organisations have distributed environments. Most the solution which are related to the concept of distributed environment mainly deploy the application part and the collection agents to these locales. On the other hand, compounds analysis latency with regards to the data parsing and the filtering process at the point for collection and filtering require mainly the inbound data to come to rest in a database before the processing of future elements. Difficult to manage and deploy: in order to protect the data from sophisticated attacks, it is very much essential to collect the data from different events and devices. It can be simple be not feasible with the point of view of the application and the human beings in order to handle the information collected and the analysis of the workload which is require to detect everything. What are the holes in their work? The main hole in the work is the precaution level which can be implemented in the factor of the cyber security. The main factor which should be taken into consideration is that the precaution should be always made in the first hand. Detecting of the holes in a technology in the first hand can be very much beneficial in order to reduce the overall concept of the impact it can superimpose on the field of the technology. Aim of your research What is the aim of your work? The main aim of the work is to come up with strategies in order to measure the seek to reduce the risk of crimes which are occurring and mainly mitigate the potential harms on society and individual. It can be stated that almost 60% of the countries which are responding report the presence of the national law or policy which are on cyber-crime prevention (Pandey et al., 2016). The organisation have stated that there are many good practices that are related to cyber-crime prevention which may include development of a strong knowledge base, promulgation of legislation, effective leadership and law enforcement capacity. It has been taken into consideration by survey which is conducted in developing countries that most individual take extra precaution of the data as an extra precaution. The continuation of the awareness should be continued in the factors that the crime which are reared to the concept are increasing on a day to day basis and the precaution would directly help in reduction the factors which directly help in initiating the crime (Ganguly et al., 2017). Material and Methods The main method for the research which is suggested is the qualitative method. The step by step formation of the research are as follows: Selection of the system which are considered to be a subject of evaluation Defining of the scope of the evaluation, collection of the information which is needed for the research Identification of the threats which can be linked to evaluated system. Identification of the susceptibility with regards to the evaluated system. Specification of the main probabilities which are related to the susceptibility of the usage by identification of the treat and its sources (probability can be defined as low, high and medium). Analysis and the determination of the incidents with regards to the impact on the data, system and organisation (Cunningham Zissman, 2016). Data Collection The data collection methods which can be included in the research are: Interview individual. Focus groups. Research action. Other methods which can be involved in the concept are direct interaction with individual on a one to one basis or direct interaction with the individuals in a setting of groups (Ayres et al., 2016). Data Inclusion Criteria If the resources are publicly available on the scope of the internet, accurate and can add comprehensive for the dimension of the framework and freely available for the others users to use it, it becomes a basic criterion for the inclusion in the framework web site. Pay for resource associated with mainly non-profit entities can also meet the basic criteria which can be related to the inclusion in the web site (Herrera, Ron Rabado, 2017). Data Analysis The data analysis in this concept can be done followed by the following means: Explore the host, network and the service sensor for means of capturing the security data. Strong of the data traffic with the relational database, reds, graph databases and Hadoop. Use of R language or silk and other tools in order to perform visualisation and analysis. Detection of the unusual phenomena through the exploratory data analysis (EDA) Determine the traffic that crossing the service port in the network. Conclusion The report can be concluded on a point that as technological take place in the advanced world with it the treats related to it also increase. The countering part with it has to be superimposed so that the threats which are related to the concept can be minimized as well its affect. In the report different sections are introduced which can directly help in procuring the concept with it help in the technological advancement. Though many methods can be introduced for the purpose of investigation, practices and its direct effect, qualitative methods are very much particular and can be termed as necessary for the different ways in order to know about the phenomena of the cyber security aspect. The research prospective in order to know the different aspect related to the case can include human computer interaction (HCI), value and design, digital and information literacy, engineering ethics and diversity and inclusion. Linking all these field together in the concept of the cyber security w ill direct improve the understanding of the concept of deeply human questions within the mere concept of the cyber security References Kolini, F., Janczewski, L. (2017). Clustering and Topic Modelling: A New Approach for Analysis of National Cyber security Strategies. Ayres, N., Maglaras, L., Janicke, H., Smith, R., He, Y. (2016). The mimetic virus: A vector for cyber security. Cunningham, R. K., Zissman, M. A. (2016). Cyber Security Research at Lincoln Labora Ganguly, R., Rajan, A., Shetty, P. R., Gadhe, G. P. (2016). U.S. Patent Application No. 15/042,054. Kruse, C. S., Frederick, B., Jacobson, T., Monticone, D. K. (2017). Cybersecurity in healthcare: A systematic review of modern threats and trends. Technology and Health Care, 25(1), 1-10. Shabtai, A., Elovici, Y., Peylo, C., Chizi, B., Zacharish, B., Mimran, D., Glemser, T. (2016). U.S. Patent Application No. 15/393,272. Rahman, M., Saha, N. K., Sarker, M. N. I., Sultana, A., Prodhan, A. Z. M. S. (2017). Problems and Prospects of Electronic Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited. American Journal of Operations Management and Information Systems, 2(1), 42-53. Mahajan, D. (2016). Foreign Direct Investment in Defence Sector in India: Problems and Prospects. Journal of Commerce and Trade, 11(1), 77-84. Glushakova, O. V., Fadeykina, N. V., Baranova, I. V. (2016). Problems and Prospects of Development of Human Capital As the Immanent Basis of Quality of Life of the Rural Population of the Russian Federation. Foods and Raw materials, 4(2). Pandey, R. K., Misra, M. (2016, December). Cyber security threatsSmart grid infrastructure. In Power Systems Conference (NPSC), 2016 National (pp. Overbye, T. J., Mao, Z., Shetye, K. S., Weber, J. D. (2017, February). An interactive, extensible environment for power system simulation on the PMU time frame with a cyber security application. In Power and Energy Conference (TPEC), IEEE Texas (pp. 1-6). IEEE. Herrera, A. V., Ron, M., Rabado, C. (2017, June). National cyber-security policies oriented to BYOD (bring your own device): Systematic review. In Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI), 2017 12th Iberian Conference on (pp. 1-4). IEEE.